On this project the original configuration of the water feature had been severely compromised over the years and the owners wanted something a little more in keeping with the rest of the garden

We removed all the old cladding of the original water feature and added 140mm merbu decking to the existing frame by a new product that is alot faster and longer lasting the old method of pre-drilling and then screwing them boards down. We used Wurth self drilling deck screws that have a inbuilt wing on the tip that drills it's own hole and then the screw slots in behind. A little more expensive but much better finish and durability than say hand nailing etc.

We also changed over the existing pump so that it was properly rated for the height of the central feature and adjusted the pond lights to highlight the two areas of the pond that should be on show..

It was only a small job but by comparison with what was there the changes are very dramatic.



Boxed water feature - Brighton