Lirope is a great ornamental grass that grows well in most climates. It is one of the few plants that will grow happily in sun or shade so it is a great border for unifying garden beds.

Plants range in height from a tiny 20cm up to 60cm for the giant forms of the species. The most beautiful characteristic of this plant is its spires of lily flowers in various shades but mainly purple. It is of great contrast to the bold green leaves.

I have found that they grow better in part shade and that they will get a little sunburn if planted in a hot spot so best to have some shade from the hot midday sun for them, hence underplanting them around a base of a tree or the front of a bed with large bushes hanging over them and protecting them.

Lirope is easy to grow and requires well drained soil. They will rot out if planted in a soggy area of the garden so best to mix thorough small handful of small pebbles when planting in these areas to help with drainage away from the roots.

Plants that are tatty can be cut back and fertilized in spring to encourage new growth.

Great plant for borders and mass planting to create a sea of green and purple during the spring and summer months when they come into flower.