This job was very interesting. To start the Body Corporate at the property removed 32 mature Alders that where blocking out valuable light to the front lawn and garden areas ( as shown in picture below).

                         BEFORE                                                                                                    AFTER

They then had my choice of Queensland Box trees planted in the place of the Alders. These new trees where semi mature at about 2.5 meters tall and where chosen for their growth range which will see them reach (in Melbourne) about 12 meters which will block the road from the site. They also attract a lot of bird life which also helps detract from the road noise. Finally they are evergreen which was a priority in this situation.


Once planted, the next part of my design was to mimic the gardens that where already there - a very formal design was called for.

The front hedge is Waterhousia Florabunda - or Lilly pilly. This is an Australian Native that will survive drought.

The next line in the design is a mix between Yellow wave phoriums which contrast well with Port Wine Magnolias. This row was set between each tree and should grow to a great base for the Queensland Box trunks.

At the front of the garden bed is Abelia Grandiflora and bronze phoriums. The white flowers of the Abelia also contrast well with the bronze phoriums.

Finally at each entrance of the Units there is a clump of Strezlitzia Reginiae (Bird of Paradise). This was to mark the entrances with color, when the plants flower they will defiantly do this.

This Project needed to make a statement and look formal to blend with the rest of the gardens. It also need to compliment the buildings and make the gardens useable by the residents. With the complex being called "Queens Road Gardens" I think the new garden now compliments the name.


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